About me


"Elisabeth motivated me to search and somehow after only two sessions, I ended up with my daily routine and I put my business idea into a nice framework for my business".

Dobrila Sudimac Mratinkovic

"Having trained with Elisabeth, she has demonstrated empathy, compassion and genuine interest in helping people achieve their biggest dreams. She's always been fun and a pleasure to work with...she'll help you change your life for the better."

Charles Kent

"Elisabeth was amazing very patient and reassuring. She showed me some great daily tips I could use that worked straight away. I ended up having a fantastic week and could feel things changing. Whenever I needed to change my energy to attract more, I thought of the 68 second rule and other things Elisabeth had told me, it worked!! So now all my tips are firmly in my morning and daily habits. If you are thinking whether to book in with Elisabeth I highly recommend her."

 Heidi Roberts