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I am a mindset coach specializing in helping people move from a negative, lack mindset to a positive and abundant mindset using practical tips and processes. I have found that I have made major progress and shifts in my own life to remove negative programming and limiting beliefs over time and create and visualise the positive abundant mindset to life which is making me happier and I am excited to share these with you.

Over the course of the daily emails we will examine aspects of the Universal Laws and elements from the Law of Attraction and how these can affect our mood and outlook on life and the things that happen in our lives.

Each day I will send you an email. Each day may have a different focus or may follow a theme for a set time. They will show you that by making simple changes to your thinking you can be happier and more joyful in everyday activities.


These daily encouraging emails are aimed at increasing your mood and happiness in everyday life. I am excited to bring them to you and look forward to all the insights, inspiration, tips and processes which you will gain along the way.


Each week follows posts on a theme. These are Inspiration Day, Motivation Day, Mindset Day, Process Day, Positivity Day, Mindfulness Day and Celebration Day. Each week covers a different theme such as being aware of your thoughts and gratitude, mindfulness, How to be joy filled, Routine, Goal Setting, Affirmations, Beliefs around money, Forgiveness, moving forwards creating your vision, Overcoming fears, visioning your future self.

I look forward to you joining me in this journey of discovery!

Have a great day!

Elisabeth MacLeod